Project Setup Instructions for a Team or Company

NOTE: A Domain Subscription is required to add people to your projects. Please use the "Contact Us" link (found on the right-side of this page) if you would like help setting up your project(s) or have other questions. 

Go to “Projects>Add a New Project” and click on "There Will Be Others:. A project can be an employee, a company, a cost center, a client, or it can just be a project. You decide how you want TimeXchange to work for you. At it's basic, a project team is at least one person who reports time and (optionally) at least one person who approves submitted time. 

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Step 1 – Create a Project
• In the appropriate boxes, provide a Project Name and a Project Description.
• Select the currency you will use. The default is the United States dollar.
• Select “There will be Others”. Selecting "Me Only" will skip steps 4 and 5.

Step 2 – Set YOUR
Project Role
• In selecting your project role, you will have six options: Administrator, Manager, Supervisor, Client, Worker or “Originator Only”.
• You can see definitions for each of these roles by rolling your cursor over each - or you can refer to the link in HELP entitled “Understanding the Roles of Project Team Members…”
• You can select only one role for yourself for any one project.

Step 3 – Set YOUR Preferences

• First, set your Billing information. In this section, enter your Cost rate, Bill rate and Allocated Hours for time on this project (optional).
• In the next section “Your Report Details”, designate whether or not your Cost and Billing Info should be displayed in reports and site pages. Depending on your role, there will be default settings. This is the only time you can change these settings.
• In the final section “Set yourself as Active”, designate whether or not you will be approving time and expense submissions for this project. Only one person in each role can “approve” that data which is sent to their Mailbox. This setting can be edited at any time.
• People who are not set up as “approvers” - or "Active" - will not see the time and expense submissions in their mailboxes; however, that data can be viewed by them through team reports once the submissions are completely approved.
• Again, as you roll your cursor over each section, you will be given information to help you understand the choices.

Step 4 – Create a Management Team

• If you previously selected one of the “Management Team” roles for yourself, you will see your email address listed under “Current Management Team”, as Administrator, Manager, Supervisor or Client.
• If you are the only member of your Management Team, then “Skip this Step”. Otherwise, this is where you add to your Management Team.
• In the “Add Management Team” section, click on the role you are adding.
• Enter the email address of the person you are placing in the selected role.
• Enter a Cost rate, Bill rate and Allocated hours for time on this project (optional) for this person. Anything left blank will default to “0”.
• If the checkboxes for display of cost and billing info are not disabled, you can edit the default values for those. If you are unable to edit those settings, it means there is already someone in that role on your Management Team and the setting has already been made for that role.
• Finally, designate whether or not this person will be approving time and expense submissions by others. If they are approving this data, it will be submitted to their Time/Submit and Monitor Time section. If they will not be approving time or expenses, they will have access to that information through team reports.
A red "(A)" next to the name of a Management Team member denotes the person is "active" as an approving contact for all submitted time and expenses. This selection can be edited at any time.
• “Save” when you have input the information on one person.
• Repeat the steps in this section as often as necessary.
• Note that you can continue with Project setup – and build your Management Team at a later time by selecting from Projects I Added – and then editing the details.

Step 5 – Create a Team of Workers

• If you have no Team members, “Skip this Step”.
• This step is about creating your team of “Workers”– those team members who are not "Management". These team members have no reporting responsibilities other than to record time and expenses and submit them for approval. They will not have access to others’ data, but can view any of the data they have entered including the status of submissions.
• Enter the email address (TimeXchange ID), cost rate (optional), bill rate (optional) and Allocated Hours for time on this project (optional) for each person. You can enter up to four people at a time through this screen. Repeat that step as often as you like, since there is no limit to the number of team members you can have on a project.
• The team members will list on a Summary screen before you "Finish" your project, so you will have the opportunity to proofread and edit your list.
• Save and enter more – or Save & Continue to the next step.

Step 6 – Set the Time Entry Preferences

• Select the method of Time Entry you want for your project. Your options are Timesheet (duration for each time record) or Timecard (in/out time for each time record).
• Timesheet has a Sunday through Saturday workweek. Timecard allows you to select a workweek-ending day of Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Note: Once you publish your project and time is recorded, this selection cannot be changed.
• Rolling your cursor over the different sections of this screen will provide you with helpful information about these options.

Step 7 – Add Tasks to the Project

• This screen presents your Master Task List, and asks you to check nark the tasks you want associated with this new project. This will enable your Project team members to enter time by task for more detailed tracking.
• If you have not set up your Master Task List prior to using Project Setup, you will see a blank screen for tasks.
• You can create tasks right away by clicking on Edit Tasks and adding the tasks you want. Then hit “continue” and you will return to the original screen – that will now show your task list.
• Put a check mark in the boxes of all or just some of your tasks to attach them to this project. Then click “continue”.
• You can also click “continue” now (instead of “Edit Tasks”) and add tasks to your project at some other time.

Step 7 (optional) – Edit Your Master Task List

• If you chose “Edit Tasks” in Step 7, you were brought to this screen.
• Enter the name and a description for each task you wish to add, and “Save”. They will list at the bottom of the page as you save them.
• You can delete or edit existing tasks by clicking on them to bring them to the top box where you can make changes.
• When finished, click on “Continue” and you will be returned to the “Add Tasks” screen where you can now select tasks for this project from your newly updated list.
• You can also edit tasks at any time by going to the Home/Master Task List tab.

Step 8 – Project Summary

• You will see a summary of your new project at this point.
• Double-check that everything is as you want it. To change something, use the “edit” button in the appropriate section.
• When you are satisfied, click on “Finish” – to save your project and send invitations to your team members.
• Note - If you sign out prior to “finishing”, you will lose all your work. You will be warned.

Now that you have finished with Project Setup…

• If you wish to record time to a project, go to "Time>Enter Time".
• If you are an “Approving” Administrator, Manager, Supervisor or Client – and wish to review time that has been submitted, go to “Time>Submit and Monitor Time>Pending My Approval” – where you will see all time submitted to you. Of course, your team members must first accept their invitations, record and submit time to the project before you will see anything.
• Note that you will receive an email alerting you to time and expenses that are awaiting your approval - UNLESS you opt out of that in "Personalize".
• You will then either “approve” or “reject” each entry. If you reject an entry, the worker will receive a message with your message asking them to contact you about that entry. They can then edit it and submit it again for your approval.
• If you approve time or expenses but others are still pending approval, these entries will be listed under the “Pending Others' Approval” tab in the "Time" or "Expenses" sections. Here you will see what the status is. Remember, data cannot be accessed through "Reports>Project Team Detail" until it has been approved by everyone listed on that project as "Active".