Accepting an Invite, and Submitting Time

Before Getting Started...if you originated the project, you will not have an invite to accept, so you can just skim the first few steps for informational purposes.

  • Click on the link in your invitation email to go to

  • Log In using your email address as your User ID and the password sent with your email. (Note - Log In using the same email address your invitation was sent to, to ensure you are linked to the project correctly. You can change your email address and password later if you want).

  • You will be taken to the “Dashboard" page, where you can click on "Project Invites Pending". This will take you to a list of invites pending, where you can “accept”.

  • Now go to "Projects>Projects I Joined" – and you should see the project listed.

  • To enter time, go to "Time>Enter Time", and select a project from the drop-down menu. TimeXchange will present you with the appropriate time entry format for the selected project. It will be either "Timesheet" or "Timecard" - depending on what the "Originator" of the "Project" chose at project setup.

Entering Time and Expenses… 
  • Check the dates of the week presented. If you need to change those, click on the appropriate day or week of the calendar.
  • Select the type of time (Billable, sick, vacation, etc.) you are entering from the dropdown menu. NOTE: All selections other than "Billable" are treated as un-billable on reports.
  • Select a task and write in a description if you like. You can use up to 200 characters in the description.

  • Choose the day, enter the time in and time out if using the timecard format – or enter your total hours if using the timesheet format. Hit “save”. You will see your reported time accumulate for the week in the appropriate Summary section below. (Note that if you track time in such detail that you need more than two "times in and out" on any given day for a timecard project, just pull up as many instances of that project you need for a week. So if you have 10 entries for Monday, enter the first two, save that record, select the project again, enter two more, save, select again, etc.).

  • If you have expenses to enter, go to Expenses/Enter Expense and complete those fields. Hit “save” and you will see your expenses for the week listed below.

Submitting Time and Expenses…
  • Go to Time/Submit and Monitor Time or Expenses/Submit and Monitor Expense.

  • If you do not see your entries listed on this page, either navigate to the correct week or click on the link "View all to be Submitted".

  • From there, click on the "submit" link next to the time or expense entry. This will bring up a box that will summarize the information being sent and tell you to whom it is being sent. If you are satisfied with what you see, then click on "submit".
  • If you do not see confirmation in that box that your time and expense entries are being submitted appropriately, make sure the originator of the project designated at least one member of the Management Team as an "approver" - and that the person accepted their invitation to join the Project. You should see the names of the "Approvers" listed in that confirmation box.
  • Once you have submitted your time and expenses, you can check the status of them by looking at the list of "Time Reports Submitted" or "Expense Reports Submitted" toward the bottom of the page under the Submit and Monitor Time or Submit and Monitor Expenses.
  • Note that the submission process causes an email to be sent to the approvers to inform them that you have submitted your time and/or expense - UNLESS they opt out of that notification.

Editing Time Submitted Previously…
  • If you receive word that your time report was rejected - or if you notice it in the status column of what's been submitted, go to Time/Enter Time where you can make any necessary changes before submitting it again.
  • To edit time, find the correct week, click on the 'task' words underneath the project name for the entry you want to edit (in the summary at the bottom of the page). This will restore the data to the top of the page where you can make your changes. Then click on “update” to save the changes).

  • Once that is finished, return to the “Submit and Monitor Time” section and click on “Submit” by the appropriate entry appearing at the top of the page. (You can either navigate to the correct week or use the "View all to be submitted" link).
  • This will bring up the same popup box that you saw on your original submission. Click on "Submit". Your entry will now appear at the bottom of the "submit time" page where you can keep an eye on the status of the approvals.
  • Note: Follow these same steps to edit your expenses using the "Submit and Monitor Expenses" section.
  • Once your time has been approved by everyone designated as an "Approver", you will be able to view it by navigating through previous weeks on the Enter Time tab, but you will not be able to edit it at that point. You can also view your own time and expenses that have been approved by selecting any of the options under My Team Reports. You will see only your own data.
  • Note that you can view your data at any time - even prior to approval - by generating reports from My Personal Reports. My Team Reports are not available until all entries have been approved.